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The Peel House is an extension of the ministries of First Lutheran Church seeking to serve our community.  The Peel House offers meeting space at low cost or no cost to our ministry partners, nonprofit and community organizations.  Use of the facilities is determined on a case-by-case basis, and we do have a suggested donation schedule.  Please browse our website to see if we might be able to meet the needs of your organization. 



1904     William Jewett and his wife Patty, well known Colorado Springs citizens, begin construction of their mansion on North Cascade Avenue on 10 lots.  Mr. Jewett owned the New London Gold Mine in Alma and was a Vice President of Colorado Springs National Bank. 


1906     The mansion, designed by Gove & Walsh Architects of Denver, is completed and named “Mira de

Flowers” in honor of Patty.


1913     The Jewett’s move to Pasadena, CA, due to Patty’s declining health and build a replica of their “Mira de

Flowers” mansion.


1927     Ralph Giddings, owner of Giddings Department Store downtown, acquires the Jewett property, and it

becomes known as the “Giddings Mansion”.


1948     The Giddings family vacate the property, and it stands empty for a decade.


1958     First Lutheran Church acquires the property and relocates to the mansion for growing worship needs, education, and ministry activities.


1966     A new Church Sanctuary is constructed on the southern part of the property and dedicated.  The mansion becomes the Parish House for ministry groups and educational activities. 


1979     As additions are added to the Church Sanctuary, use of the Parish House is expanded into community

outreach, service and support groups, music functions, non-profit accommodations, and neighborhood events.


2016     The Parish House is renamed The Peel House in honor of Rev. Dr. Paul Peel for his 48 years of service and community leadership as Senior Pastor of First Lutheran Church.


2021     The Peel House is renovated to incorporate modern conveniences while maintaining historic features and

the grandeur of the mansion.  It is dedicated to the congregation’s ministries of education, youth development, celebrations, support groups, and evangelism outreach into the Colorado Springs community. 

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