Donations by mail

To send suggested donations, please use the address below if mailing a check. Please include the event in the memo.

First Lutheran Church

1515 N Cascade

Colorado Springs, CO  80907

Credit card donations

Payments can also be made online by clicking the link below and following these instructions:

“Fund” drop down arrow

   Choose “Current Operating Fund” Please do not choose “Peel House Renovation Project”

“Sub Fund” drop down arrow

   Choose “90-Room Use Donation from OS (outside) Groups”

“Please tell us what this is for…”

    Example – “Donation for (event title here)  (date of event here) ”

“Amount”    (enter your donation amount here)

Enter Credit, debit or bank information, name, and address


Please call or email reservationist to report the donation.

719.632.8836 OR


Thank you!