Meeting areas in the peel house

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event at The Peel House at First Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs.  The Peel House is an extension of the ministries of First Lutheran Church seeking to serve our community.  The Peel House offers meeting space at low cost or no cost to our ministry partners, nonprofit and community organizations.  The use of the facilities is determined on a case by case basis, and we do have a suggested donation schedule.  Please browse our website to see if we might be able to meet the needs of your organization. 


In the following pages, you will see the meeting spaces available and obtain a bit of history of how the house was influential in the early 20th century in Colorado Springs.  In 2021, the Peel House was renovated to incorporate modern conveniences while maintaining historic features and the grandeur of the mansion.

Main Level - Library & Parlor

The Parlor and the Library are combined into one meeting space on the main Level.  Groups of 25- 105 are comfortable in this space.  The room can be set theatre style with rows of chairs, or with tables and chairs set for a dining/meeting space, or for an open house setting with high top café style tables.  There is a flat screen on the north wall that can be used for PowerPoint, video presentations, Zoom meetings, etc.  There is a conversation area in the south area of the room if set-up space allows it. 

dining room

The spacious dining room holds a Chippendale dining table as well as a matching buffet table and corner table, all of which are original to the mansion.  The dining room table may be used by organizations for catered dishes, boxed lunches, snacks, and potluck dishes.  First Lutheran Church provides coffee and water service in the dining room to all organizations that schedule an event.  There are 14 dining table chairs that may be used at the table for groups of that size.  Extra drink/dessert tables may be set up in the dining room if needed. 


This state-of-the-art renovated kitchen has several features original to the mansion.  It houses the original safe, dish cabinets, and warmer that sits on top of an original heat register.  There is original flooring in the refrigerator room and washroom space at the original back door.  Organizations are allowed to heat prepared dishes in the ovens and prepare serving dishes at the counters.  There are three sinks, three dishwashers, and three refrigerators that are available for use, pending space.    

upstairs lounge

There is a lounge on the upper level that can be reserved for groups of five or less.  This space was originally William Jewett’s lounge area.  It connects to the coffee bar that was originally William Jewett’s closet and bathroom. 

upper level meeting rooms

There are two identical meeting rooms on the upper level.  Each room has tables and chairs for up to 16 guests.  There is a whiteboard in each room and also a flat screen in each room for the use of PowerPoints, Zoom meetings, etc.  If an organization would like it set up theatre style with just chairs, 30 guests can fit comfortably in this space.   Coffee and water service for upstairs meeting rooms will be set up in the coffee bar.